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lost_fanart's Journal

Lost Fanart
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Congratulations! You have stumbled upon lost_fanart, a community dedicated to the tv show Lost, in the form of fanart.

Community Rules
there's not too many rules, we want to keep the community free and fun! so, just a couple of things...
& no flames or bashing
& please keep on-topic. the community is for lost character and actor/actress fan art.
& if necessary, please rate/give warning for your fan art.
& please put your fan art behind a lj cut. if you're unsure about how to do this, you can find a basic tutorial here.
& please, no introduction posts. we love you all, but we don't all need out flists being spammed. ♥

when you post...
& please use this standard format when posting your art. it'll just help everything stay a lot cleaner!
& character(s)
& rating
& spoiler[s] (if necessary)
& warning[s] (if necessary)

many thanks,
your faithful mods

& if you have any icons/banners you would like to donate to us, please do so! ♥